My Fall Must-Have’s: A Master Post

I guess I’m a little late because fall started in September. I don’t know about where you live, but here in Iowa it just started getting (and staying) cooler and just overall more fall-like.

Overall, 2017 has been quite the year for me, so to go along with my theme of the year; change, I am experiencing a new chapter of my life this fall which I will say changes this list a little bit: pregnancy. As I am writing this, I am in the beginning of the end – week 28. So my must-have’s this year have changed a bit from years prior, but definitely for the better I’d say.

Nevertheless, without further delay, my fall must-have’s:

My Incredibly Soft Blanket

  • This blanket has been my life saver and just a huge comfort to have when Andrew isn’t home due to work trips (that are a lovely seasonal thing). It is so soft. It is quite literally the softest thing I have ever touched in my life, and I am so in love with it. I have it in beige, but there are so many color options. Mine is also in the queen size, but there are multiple size options for whatever your needs are. It is quite literally the coziest blanket in the history of blankets, and while, yes, it is a bit on the pricier end, it is definitely a great deal for a fantastic quality throw. I sleep with it, cuddle with it, hide in it, and practically live in it. It has definitely kept my desert-blooded self warm in what I believe are freezing temperatures (laugh at me if you want because I believe 45-60 degrees count as freezing).


  • I cannot stress to you enough how much I LOVE candles. The brands I have been using recently are Better Homes and Gardens (my favorite) and Huntington Homes Jams and Jellies Fruit Preserves Candles (this candle can only be bought at your local Aldi). The Better Homes and Gardens Candles all seem to last 8-10 days with daily burning for at least 4 hours each day. They have a wide variety of scents and are available online for purchase as well as at Walmart. They’re relatively cheap, and a little trick I have found to be helpful is if you buy one of the ones in the back of the display, the scent will last longer and be stronger. The Huntington Homes Jams and Jellies Fruit Preserves Candles are simply the most adorable candles I have ever seen! They look just like a jelly or jam and they last for at least 2 weeks while still maintaining an excellent scent. I have smelled all of the scents I’ve seen at the Aldi, and I love the Strawberry Preserves, Blackberry Preserves (this smells nearly identical to the Blueberry Scone Yankee Candle which is my favorite candle ever), and Peach Preserves. Candles really just increase the cozy feeling of your home plus who doesn’t love a nice scent!

My Comforter

  • Oh my goodness! Andrew and I just got a new comforter and we are IN LOVE! It was so inexpensive (ONLY $27) for such a wonderful and quality comforter! It keeps us warm and toasty, but not too hot for cuddles because priorities. It is so plush and soft and wow I love it so much! I have a habit that I have developed while pregnant of sleeping in extremely cold temperatures, so this definitely helps both of us stay nice and warm. We are currently in the process of getting a duvet cover for it, but for now the white looks good and seems pretty classy to me!

My Humidifier

  • My need for this humidifier is caused by multiple things: 1) sleeping in cold temperatures, 2) pregnancy-related congestion, and 3) fall temperatures and winds. This product produces warm steam which definitely helps make my breathing more comfortable at night which helps me get much needed sleep. My nose is less stuffy and I have found that any headaches I’ve had have gone away. I use it without any of the Vicks products they come with just plain old tap water and wow have I seen a difference! It’s not very pretty, but it gets the job done. Old school is definitely the best school when it comes to humidifiers if you ask me. We are getting a cool mist humidifier for the baby’s room, but for my needs, the warm is definitely doing the trick!

My Pillows

  • I am pretty nuts when it comes to sleep-related gear. Everything must be as comfortable as possible because, honestly, sleep is more important to me than a lot of other things. My pillows have been the best thing ever. I have loved this kind of pillow for years and used one for the last 6 years of my life and finally purchased some of my own. They are game changers! I am normally a stomach sleeper, so these pillows definitely are excellent for stomach sleepers. However, due to the pregnancy, I am now a side sleeper, and much to my surprise, they work just as well for side sleeping! They are also excellent for between the legs for hip and lower back support for you other side sleepers out there. For you back sleepers out there, I have used them sleeping on my back and have not had any issues with them. To get a better idea of how comfortable they are, I will inform you that I am plagued with perpetual back and neck pain, and these pillows have always made me feel so much better!!! They are absolutely on the pricier side, but they are so worth it! If it’s doable, I completely recommend these pillows for anyone in any season of life.

Oversized Sweatshirts

  • Raise your hand if you like drowning in oversized, comfy excellentness! I don’t know who else raised their hand, but I’ll assume it was all of you because maximum comfort is my jam. My favorite oversized sweatshirt right now is either my/my fiancé’s vintage Indiana Pacers sweatshirt (I would totally link this for you, but it’s from like the late 80s) and my kale sweatshirt (I bought this last year when I was really feeling my inner Beyoncé screaming to let her out). I have also been looking into getting a cheap, men’s crewneck sweatshirt from Hanes to continue to grow my oversized sweatshirt collection. Something about swimming in my clothes makes me feel so cozy and very fall-like. So if you’re anything like me and feel #flawless (ha, see what I did there?) in oversized sweatshirts, you should add these to your fall must-have’s list if they aren’t there already!


  • I won’t lie to you; 90% of the time in fall I can pull off my casual as my Sunday best if I’m just wearing a sweater and jeans. I would link some of my favorite sweaters, but honestly, I own too many. For me, I love maroons in fall, they just work for me. So just find a few staple sweaters and stick with them – steer clear of designs that you couldn’t/wouldn’t wear regularly. I typically buy solids and some striped. I have had some serious luck buying them at the Goodwill and thrift shops – just make sure you wash them before use (which really goes for all clothing new or used). I buy them new as well, and you can find excellent sweaters at Target and sometimes even at Forever 21. With these places, you won’t break the bank. I know some sweaters can run upwards of $90, so I am sticking in the $3-$30 price range here. They’re such an easy look, so cute, and never go out of style! I am team sweaters forever.


  • Oh, sweatpants, how I love thee! Joggers, warm up pants, track suits, giant pajama pants, I love all types and don’t discriminate. Sure, not all of them are wearable outside, but we’re talking about comfy and cozy fall must-have’s and these are a MUST-HAVE! With an ever growing bump, sweatpants pretty much always fit and are comfy. They’re warm and toasty and perfect for lazy days around the house. I love to just throw on my sweatpants after a long day of wearing jeans. It just really feels like you’re going into full relaxation mode. For sweatpants, I have found that pretty much everyone has their favorite pair and I do too. Mine are my Nike warm up sweatpants from my senior year of high school tennis season (since they’re old, I don’t think they sell them anymore, but I found this similar pair). Stay comfy, wear sweatpants!

Maternity Skinny Jeans

  • No surprises here, we knew it was coming. An item that is completely irrelevant unless you’re pregnant. As you may (or may not) know, when you’re pregnant, your jeans just don’t fit. The legs may, but they won’t close. Sorry! It’s truly tragic I know. I only cried about it for years. I love my jeans. They go well with every look and are just so necessary for fall! The big problem here is 1) so few cute options, 2) so few affordable options, and 3) it’s hard understanding sizing when one part of you is changing and the rest is staying the same. I searched and searched and finally came across Levi’s Maternity Skinny Jeans. Like most maternity jeans, they run a little big, so of course I did lots of review reading and asked questions. I found out that I needed to order an extra small. For the price of $30 (instead of $50+), I decided I could buy  2 pairs – one in black and one in the color “bombshell”. Most of my favorite normal skinny jeans are Levi’s, so I assumed that I wouldn’t be disappointed and here I am so so happy with my decision! I love them, they fit just like normal skinny jeans, and I finally feel like I’m a human again! God bless Levi Strauss & Co!

Fuzzy Socks

  • I don’t care who you are or how old you are, fuzzy socks are literally always wonderful! No arguments! Something about walking on a source of constant softness is just so comfortable I cannot even begin to describe. It’s like walking on clouds except better!!! Fuzzy socks you can pretty much never go wrong with: thin ones, thick ones, fun patterns, solids, padded bottoms, non-slip; they’re all so comfy!!! Personally, I love my fun prints like my leopard and zebra ones, but whatever floats your boat! As long as you’re comfy, you’re good!

Oversized Flannels

  • I love oversized flannels and fall makes me so happy because I have the opportunity to wear them all. the. time. Flannels are another staple in my wardrobe, but maintain a level of casualness right under the sweaters. The oversized aspect is just a personal preference really because you know me and being as comfy and cozy as possible at all times! Flannels are another thing that will really never go out of style, so they’re definitely worth investing in. They can run a little expensive, so I would suggest looking at Target or Walmart and sometimes Goodwill or a thrift store to find some good deals and stock up!

Tea, Tea, Tea, and Ummm More Tea

  • My fiancé and I are not coffee drinkers, so while the rest of the world is enjoying their PSLs, he and I are drinking copious amounts of tea. His favorite right now is loose leaf green tea and mine is peppermint. We love that the weather is finally getting cooler so we can drink our tea and not overheat (because believe me, weather doesn’t deter us from drinking our tea). I really love Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea, but since we’re not quite in season for that yet, I’m still waiting and dealing with some Twining’s Pure Peppermint Tea.

Christmas Music

  • Yeah, I love Halloween, fall, and Thanksgiving just as much as the next person, but I am a Christmas addict! Fortunately, Andrew puts up with it. We have been listening to Christmas music non-stop (my favorite playlist). I have been using my Bluetooth speaker quite a bit these days! It’s always a party in our house! We haven’t bought any of the Christmas decorations yet, but they’re coming soon I feel it!

My Portable Charger

  • With Andrew’s work schedule being the way it is, I will admit to the nasty habit of using my phone more frequently than usual. But since he has weird hours, I like to stay up until I can talk to him which means I want my phone alive at all times no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Last year, I bought a portable phone charger that I swear never dies, charges your devices faster than anything else, and is indestructible. It has been so helpful with this weird schedule and is still in wonderful condition over a year after my initial purchase. It charges 4 devices at once and is also a flashlight. It fits into most purses and bags, so I would highly recommend this charger.

That’s all I have for you right now, but these are my fall must-have’s! Some of it is certainly very specific to me, but I’m all about the comfy, cozy life. Hopefully, this list left you feeling fall-tastic!
Signing off,

Kaitlyn Summer


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