My Second Trimester Must-Have’s

As of yesterday, I have officially made it to the 3rd trimester, and I’m so excited about it! I’m so ready to meet this sweet boy who has been *probably* practicing his dance moves inside of me for months.

With my 2nd trimester being left in the dust, I decided that I would inform you guys of some of the things that definitely helped me get through the middle part of my pregnancy. I’m sure some of you are maybe wondering why I’m not doing a post like this for the first trimester, and, to be perfectly honest with you, my first trimester was a breeze. I didn’t have nausea or extreme fatigue. Just some sore breasts and that was about it. So I know I was a lucky duck in that respect, but let me tell you that my 2nd trimester was not easy.

Before I list all of the things I have found to be helpful, I will start by telling you that every pregnancy is different, every baby is different, and everyone’s body is different, so while some of my must-have’s may work for some, they may not be the best for others, and that’s okay! Plenty of women have gone through this before and have many tips and tricks that may help you so thank goodness for the internet!

Ovia Pregnancy App

  • This app has been so helpful and fun to use.  It connects me with women who are in the same stage of life and it really helps answer any question you could possibly have. It has so many different features that are so useful like nutrition tracking, prenatal vitamin reminders, symptom tracking, weight tracking, etc.. They also have kick counters and contraction counters for when the time comes for that. I have loved using this app to track how my baby boy is growing and developing and sending Andrew his weekly updates. It’s so cute. They show you the approximate size of your baby’s hand and foot and you can pick whatever theme you want from fruit to Parisian bakery. I have mine set to weird-but-cute animals, so we compare his size to lots of unique animals. It’s a really cute and fun way to feel more connected to your baby and also hear from women who are in a similar situation and could be facing similar symptoms.


  • I don’t think I could have made it through my 2nd trimester without water. I drank so much water you would not believe it. I still do. I felt dehydrated without it. It definitely didn’t help the peeing every two seconds, but my body definitely needed it. I have found that I have been very dried out these last couple months and drinking copious amounts of water has definitely been a life saver. My go to water bottle for this is my CamelBak Eddy .75 L. It’s easy to refill and carry around with me anywhere I go and it makes tracking how much water I’ve had in a day really easy because it is labeled on the side. They’re super cheap, last forever, and come in almost any color you could possibly want! That’s not even the end of how wonderful these bottles are. They also have a lifetime warranty that comes with buying one. It’s such an excellent deal!


  • If you didn’t know already, ibuprofen/Advil is a no-no during pregnancy. I have always been an ibuprofen/Advil girl myself so making this switch I was nervous about. However, I went to the emergency room a couple times during my 2nd trimester with severe pains that really could have been stopped with Tylenol (or the generic, acetaminophen). Since each emergency room visit is pretty pricey and a bottle of acetaminophen can be like $5, I think that Tylenol was definitely the way to go. Growing a baby isn’t all fun and games. It’s painful sometimes and can be exhausting, but I’m sure it is well worth it!

Essential Oils

  • I’m not sure about you, but I prefer going drug free when possible. Natural remedies to everything have always been my best friend. This is probably partially due to my mom who has this outlook and/or that I grew up in California. My mom is involved in Young Living and loves it and the whole house has definitely benefited from her involvement in it. However, you know me, always looking to save, and Young Living is just kind of expensive. After some serious searching, I found a brand of essential oil that boasts very similar (if not the same) quality to YL with just as many oils to choose from: Plant Guru. I bought a pack of 20 oils for around $30, which I figured was a pretty doable price for that quality. I have been using these oils for everything. Colds, rashes, aches and pains, food poisoning, you name it! And they work just as well as the YL oils. I love these oils and the pack of 20 had the most commonly used oils in there plus some of their popular blends which are practically identical to those of YL. I also diffuse them, and I know YL sells diffusers, but you can find really cheap ones on Amazon. Mine works really well for our bedroom, and I am looking into getting at least another one for our baby’s room once he gets here. I will likely get a bigger one for our living room area, but this size is definitely perfect for a bedroom.

Cocoa Butter

  • One of the fun symptoms they don’t tell you about in pregnancy is abdominal and breast itchiness! Dry skin so much dry skin. It’s in part due to the stretching. I won’t say this is to prevent stretch marks because stretch marks are almost completely a genetic thing, but for your skin to feel normal and comfortable again, cocoa butter is a must. I tried lotions, aloevera, petroleum jelly, nothing worked, but then I bought some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E and my comfort in my own skin has returned!

Comfy Sleeping Gear

  • I won’t go too in depth with all of the things I use because I just listed all of my sleeping stuff in my fall must-have’s post. But let me just tell you that sleeping and napping has been so important for me to get through the day for this pregnancy, and as you know, comfort is key. So check out my post for all of the stuff I use to stay comfy and catch some much needed ZZZ’s!

Cravings Foods

  • Cravings are real and they are intense! I frequently can be found crying about my need for pizza or French fries. For a couple weeks, all I wanted to eat was mac and cheese. Sometimes I really wish this baby wanted a salad! My weight gain has been very healthy though (15 pounds in 28 weeks so far) so I’m not too worried. Andrew and I have gone to the Papa John’s and this one Mexican restaurant near us so many times that they know us and already know exactly what we’re ordering. It’s kind of embarrassing… but oh well! Embrace the need!!!

Clothes That Fit

  • I cannot begin to describe how frustrating it is to not fit into your clothes anymore – especially things that made you feel good like your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite bra. This made me cry so many times. I finally found maternity jeans that fit well, looked good, and weren’t expensive and I was so happy! I felt human! As for the bras, I invested in a couple sports bras that will stretch with me, have no underwire, and support my ever-growing chest. The ones I bought were Champion, but you can invest in any kind of sports bra really. This trimester, I’m going to only invest in nursing bras, but for now, sports bras do the trick!

My Glasses

  • Another not so well known symptom of pregnancy is that your vision does this thing where it seems to get worse. I have definitely actually been wearing my glasses now more than ever. They’ve definitely helped me when I’m helping Andrew with directions or we go to Mass.

Support System

  • Like many people, I didn’t announce my pregnancy to anyone until my 2nd trimester – family early on and friends half way through. But having my family and friends knowing really helps with any emotional things I need help with. Having my support system is so vital. I know it will be throughout my 3rd trimester too.

Signing off,

Kaitlyn Summer


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