Baby Prep by Week 29: A Haul

I’m not sure how a lot of women feel at this stage. I definitely feel like I’m a little behind, but with 11 (in theory) weeks to go, I think it’s okay that we still haven’t bought bigger items. That’s not to say I don’t love shopping for stuff for my sweet baby boy because honestly I love it. I wish I could have his whole nursery set up already and all of his cute little clothes and toys. Andrew and I have decided to wait until after the baby shower to make any bigger purchases. Nevertheless, I will show you what I have now in preparation for my sweet baby boy’s arrival!

Oh my goodness, how I wish I could give you a link to these cute shoes! I, like my grandfather, love baby feet. Something about them just makes my heart burst! Unfortunately, these sweet little baby shoes were Andrew’s when he was a baby and they were the first thing I got for our sweet little boy. Aren’t they just so sweet? I can’t wait until my little one’s feet are in them! Just for fun, here are my little boy’s feet from our 20 week anatomy scan. 

As for feeding my little boy, I have chosen the route of breastfeeding. So I have decided to get a breast pump. After talking to my mom who had her youngest 2 years ago, I decided on the Medela Pump In Style. However, I got my breast pump through Aeroflow. They make it so that you can easily have your insurance cover your breast pump. I didn’t pay a thing for it. The process is very simple and quick. I would certainly recommend this route if you have insurance.  

In addition to the breast pump, I have this burp cloth from Burt’s Bees Baby and an Avent bottle. I will be purchasing more of each of these, but I got these in my Amazon Welcome Box. If you’re looking for an easy place to set up a registry, Amazon is the place to go. After you or someone else spending $10 on your registry, it shipping, if you’re a Prime member, and you have checked off their recommended checklist, you get a box full of wonderful samples at a $35 value. I got diapers, soaps, diaper creams, wipes, a swaddle, a bottle, this burp cloth, and more. It was definitely so nice to receive this extra little gift from Amazon. Also, Amazon makes making a registry so easy, and they really help you along if you’re clueless about where to even start. I 100% recommend Amazon as the place you start your registry. It’s so nice having everything in one place.

Andrew and I both love elephants! So of course, our little guy has to dress in style with some seriously adorable elephant gear! We bought these Gerber onesies for our sweet baby boy and I love them! They’re so cute. They have the little feet on them and the yellow one even has elephants on the feet! We also bought some long sleeved undershirt onesies for under his take home outfit (which I would really love to share with you, but we’re keeping it a secret for now – just know it’s SOOOO cute) because it will be cold when he’s born in January. 

If you know a thing or two about babies, you know they like to be swaddled when they sleep. This cute swaddle came in my Amazon Welcome Box. The hedgehogs are just so adorable. It’s very gender neutral so it can be used for your baby boy or girl. This could also double as a breast feeding cover or a car seat/carrier cover. 

In addition to the swaddling, many babies also like a pacifier when they sleep. I am not using pacifiers until I am confident about my baby’s breast feeding abilities, but I bought some and these ones are perfect for sleeping. They glow in the dark which is helpful if your sweetie loses their pacifier in the night plus they have adorable night time designs (which if you can tell, we chose because of the elephant). 

Recently, Andrew and I took up knitting and crocheting respectively. While it’s not perfect,  I crocheted one blanket for our little boy. For those of you who are pregnant and/or stay at home, find that you have fewer activities you can do, or are starting maternity leave, I highly recommend taking up crocheting. It’s not too difficult to pick up and with the wealth of resources you have available at your fingertips, almost anyone can do it! I’m currently crocheting another blanket for our son because as my fourth grade teacher always said, practice makes better! Just make sure, if you crochet anything for baby, that it’s not too rough – you don’t want to irritate that sensitive skin. 

For now, that’s all I really have, but we will keep building our repertoire and before we know it, this sweet little boy will be here! I’ll probably do another post after the baby shower and after we get all of the things together for this sweet baby boy’s nursery. Hopefully, I’m not too behind! 

Signing off,

Kaitlyn Summer


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